About Nha Dat 1368

Nha Dat 1368 is a real estate agency specializing in providing services for consignment sales/rentals of real estate properties and finding real estate properties according to customers’ needs. We are committed to supporting you in all aspects of real estate transactions, including legal, tax, and residency.

We provide consignment services for selling/renting various types of real estate properties such as apartments, villas, townhouses, commercial properties, warehouses, offices, land plots, etc. We commit to only consigning legal and legitimate properties that have no disputes. We will advise and support you in preparing legal documents, clarify any doubts about taxes, and help you achieve the maximum selling/rental value for your properties.

In addition, we also provide services for finding real estate properties according to your needs. You only need to clearly state your requirements and search criteria, and we will provide the most suitable options and support you in negotiating prices and completing the real estate transactions.

With our experienced and dedicated team, we are committed to bringing you absolute satisfaction and trust throughout the real estate transaction process. Come to Nha Dat 1368 for the best advice and support!

Operating time

Monday to Sunday: 8:00am - 9:00pm

Services we provide

- Consignment for Sale/ Lease and Find on demand
- We only accept legal, own, non-disputed real estate consignments

You are looking for a home to live in, or you need to rent a place to start a profitable business, etc. Whatever the reason, the process of finding the right house is not easy.

Why choose our real estate consignment service?

  1. Know the market well

Experts knowledgeable about the market, grasp and regularly update the latest information, market fluctuations, analyze the development ability, profitability of real estate, …. Before the real estate is put into the transaction, we process information, and analyze the legal value as well as information related to that real estate in order to help buyers/tenants feel more secure when transacting, minimizing risks, helping customers make accurate and effective buying/renting or investment decisions.

  1. You get a wide choice of supplies

Experienced professionals help you quickly find the right home according to your needs. First, the experts will talk with you to determine the criteria you want such as:

  • What area do you need to find Real Estate? Why choose that area?
  • What type of Property do you need and what is the purpose of use? (Apartments, villas, townhouses, townhouses, business premises, warehouses, offices, etc.)
  • The criteria for interior, interior and exterior facilities, …

After determining your needs, we will provide you with a variety of sourcing options to suit the different budgets and preferences of each customer segment.

  1. Experts give you legal advice

Legal issues are always an extremely important issue when you decide to invest. The experts will help you to fully understand the real estate information that you can choose from. These are the information that anyone should pay attention to when looking for real estate such as:

  • Is the house in the area of planning, dispute or not?
  • Is the house in the scope of expansion or clearance?
  • Is the diagram in the house documents consistent with the actual measurement?
  • Does the house have the right to demolish, repair, or restore?
  • Is the surrounding infrastructure about to be repaired or upgraded?
  • ….
  1. The purchase/sale/rental contract is made accurately and clearly

With the unstable legal environment in Vietnam, the real estate market is very complex. Therefore, advice on the legality of the house is essential for home seekers.

You will no longer have to worry about legal procedures and records as well avoid risks due to lack of legal knowledge.

  1. Save time, and money and find the right home

Finding the right house in the real estate market today requires not only knowledge of real estate, finance, and law but also professional experience. Therefore, using a brokerage service is the fastest way to own the best home with the most optimal amount of money, avoiding costly legal troubles when dealing with the wrong real estate.

  1. Full support of related services

With a system of partners in planning, legal, feng shui, notarization, tax… Nha Dat 1368 always has the best support information channels in transactions. This ensures a smooth transaction process, satisfaction and mutual trust between the parties.

Choosing a house is a very important decision. Therefore, we need to put the money for which we work hard in the right place, at the right time. With the help of industry-savvy and market-savvy professionals, you can make the right decisions to find the right property.

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