Nha Dat 1368

Providing professional real estate brokerage services, we work in the spirit of long-term cooperation and transparency to help Buy/Sell, Rent/Lease quickly, reasonable price & direct agreement between parties. We work with the motto “Effectiveness – Safety – Prestige – Low Cost”

Why choose our service?

  1. Our commitment

No price raising/ wrong price, the transaction is genuine, legal is complete.

  1. Experienced Consultant

Consultants at Nhadat1368.vn understand the market, have a lot of experience, handling skills, customer consultation is always at the most professional level.

  1. Quality Customer Data

Nhadat1368.vn’s database of thousands of customers is always updated daily and managed by advanced storage technology. Customers are those who have actual needs in Buying/Selling, Renting/Leasing Property, have learned the market well, are ready for finance. This also partly helps the Property when consigned to buy and sell very quickly.

  1. Confidentiality of consignment trading information

Owners consigning to buy and sell at Nhadat1368.vn are always assured of our working process. Advice and referrals are always confidential. Only when confirming the actual purchase and rental needs of customers will they introduce homes, so homeowners can rest assured that their home information is always shared with the right buyers.

  1. Full support of related services

With a system of partners in: planning, legal, feng shui, notarization… Nhadat1368.vn always has information channels to support in the best buying & selling transactions. This ensures that the buying and selling process goes smoothly, both parties are satisfied and trust each other.


Operating time

Monday to Sunday: 8:00am - 9:00pm

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